Welcome to my blog. I’m Leora Elghan, teacher of meditation, Relationship Coach and sex educator, writer, lover of daily life, and wild ride. I hope you will come visit this blog, and stay a while to help me explore

                 dating after 50,
                                   meditation on the heart
                                                meditation directed towards a purpose
                             ethical nonmonogamy,
being a lover,
        being a friend,
                 being a parent,
                            being sex positive,
                                            being love positive,
having a sense of humor
                                                                 and the struggle to live one’s ideals.

I am available for 1 to 1 coaching on Skype for $120/hour
                           with a sliding fee scale for those who need it: $80  – $200 dollars/hour.

I  also create individualized 20 to 30 minute meditation mp3s that you can use at your convenience for
$37 if I can use them publicly, or
                              $137 if you want them to be private, only for you.